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I’ve always said he would do it again

When she talked about her rape, it was soon forgotten.
Now that a woman is dead, she must and will be heard.

“My name is Morgane Vallée, and I’m 22 years old. I’m not a judge, I’m not a politician, I have no power. Except the power to speak out, to talk about this woman’s murder (…). I’m the only one who knows without a doubt what happened that day because, when I was 13 years old, I was kidnapped and raped at that exact spot, by the same monster, who himself confessed it to me. In memory of the woman who has been silenced forever, for all the raped girls and women who don’t dare to speak, for all the discreet victims who are ashamed and scared, you can count on me to say it out loud.
Injustice can only retreat once denounced.
I truly believe it. “

The year Morgane was raped, 50,000 women went through the same ordeal, which destroyed their lives and trampled their futures. We know that several of these monsters will strike again. To fight against this injustice, to stop these criminals from hurting people again and again, Morgane Vallée has the courage to stand up and tell her story. She tells us about the hell she went through, and her fight for the victims’ right to be heard, so that justice can be more effective. Today, thanks to amazing willpower, she has found balance in her life, and lives the way a young woman her age should.

A poignant and vital account.


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