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Brothers until the last breath

Twin brothers Damien and Nicolas Delmer have been fighting the incurable and degenerative disease cystic fibrosis since childhood. They were told that they would not live beyond seventeen…they are now thirty-five.

In spite of the pain and fragility of their gaunt bodies, these two brothers who love life fight to enjoy their existence through painting, writing, swimming and even parachuting. The idea of dying in disgraceful conditions when their day to day life becomes unbearable revolts them. Without transplants they risk death by suffocation and asphyxiation.

In order to live life to the fullest Damien and Nicolas simply ask that the law allow them to die in peace. If this right is not granted and one of them finds himself in a life-threatening situation, the other would not hesitate to help him die. A pact between brothers, united until the very last breath.

A moving testimony, this book written with two voices is a lesson in courage and a hymn to life. An essential document to better understand the debate around the right to die with dignity.


“A poignant book!”

“This book is a message of hope. (..) It really should be read.”

“A pact between the two brothers has been etched into a book written in which two voices narrate their fight for life. And we are witnesses.”
Le Parisien


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