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To the 8th Heaven

Charlotte Valandrey, a die-hard lover and fighter, pens a very personal narrative and takes us on a romantic, sensitive, tender and often funny adventure that reveals the unpredictable magic of life.

On her 40th birthday, Charlotte, an actress, wonders “What would I do if my days were numbered?”

The answer is clear. Along with Lili, her irresistible best friend, Charlotte decides to take on a mission to find True Love. Her crazy, comical and seductive quest to reach 7th heaven begins. But whether on dating websites or singles cruises, Charlotte’s path is lined with strange and unexplainable signs: she keeps feeling the protective presence of her deceased mother.

These disturbing events echo the “life after life” she caught a glimpse of when her replaced heart stopped beating. With the help of a friend, Charlotte will come to understand that she had a Near Death Experience (NDE) and that it is not just luck that allowed her to survive.

These discoveries give a new meaning to her life and lead her to the 8th heaven…


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