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It just happened like that

A unique destiny, a powerful artist, a free-thinking man that these words unveil with accuracy, strength and modesty

A superb and extravagant artist, Gerard Depardieu has been driven by his inner voice since childhood.

It dictates his life, his choices, his way of being and his way of seeing the world. It is this voice, and its absolute sincerity, that this book was able to capture for the first time.

From the very first page he opens his soul to us, we penetrate into his inner monologue and are thus able to see the world through his eyes.

The eyes of a child who should not have been born, that the school system rejected, who had nothing to lose because he had nothing, and who has spent his life forcing fate. A hoodlum at 14 who became an actor by pure chance, Gérard Depardieu constructed his life as a free man, without prejudice nor ties, ignoring the codes, going wherever he wanted and enjoying the sunshine on the way.


“A book shaped into short intense chapters where the voice of Depardieu rings out, with all its contradictions, outspokenness, bad faith, graceful moments and loss of equilibrium.”
Le Point

« 170 thundering pages, at times provocative, tender and moving. We find Depardieu engrained in the text, so much so that we believe we can hear him while turning the pages.”

“A magnificent book. It is told without a shade of malice (…) and with a sort of indifference and faith in life.”
Europe 1

“It is a confession, an autobiography, and above all a shock. This testimony is written with remarkable candor.”
TF1 Evening Tv News


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