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Lord, Have Pity on us.

Unjustly sentenced at the Outreau trial, Dominique Wiel gives us in this autobiography his views on justice and on our society: a fundamental document

«I have retraced my steps from the beginning, which allowed me to understand across these pages how I found myself trapped in the net of a judiciary system, that is totally ignorant of the day to day reality of the poorest people, and is dramatically entombed in its pomp and its certainties”
Dominique Wiel, avril 2005

For the thirty months that lasted his detention, Dominique Wiel did not stopped proclaiming his innocence in letters to his loved ones. Once acquitted, he kept on writing. The time has come for him to testify. This case cannot be just another brief piece of news denouncing a failing system of justice. It must help enlighten us on the true functioning of our society. It must help bring about change in our way of coexisting.

From childhood to the seminary, from the Catholic workers’ Action to the slow isolation process of the Tour du Renard, the author tries to understand how a man such as himself, a priest at the service of the most fragile and most destitute members of society, was suddenly caught in the net of the judiciary system.

An essential work that goes back on an engaging trial, but first and foremost, a book about a life’s journey.


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