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Volume 1 : The Cursed Tomb

Hidden in its cursed tomb, Osiris’ vase, the most precious of treasures that holds the secret of life and death, is deemed inaccessible. A black mage has nonetheless stolen it and plans to use it as a powerful weapon against Ramses the Great and establish the Kingdom of Darkness.Setna, who is none other than Ramses the Great’s youngest son, is a brilliant magician. A scribe with vast knowledge and heir to the teaching of the elders, he is capable of fighting against the forces of evil.

These qualities will be more than necessary if he wants to find the famous vase of Osiris and stop the black mage. In order to fulfil his mission Setna will join forces with Sekhet, a young doctor with exceptional gifts who he happens to be madly in love with. These two extraordinary beings will put their lives on the line to preserve the Kingdom of Light.


“Adventures full of suspense”
Télé Z


Foreign versions

Sold in 6 languages

  • Czech Republic: Euromedia Group
    Italy: TEA
    Netherlands: Xander
  • Poland: Rebis
    Spain: Editorial Planeta
    Turkey: Nemesis

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