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The Vengeance of the Gods
Volume 2 : The Divine Worshipper

Egypt, 518 BC, the reign of Amasis, next to last pharaoh of the XXVI dynasty.

Kel, a young scribe recently hired by the prestigious guild of interpreters, thinks his future is secure. But following a party to which he should not have been invited, he arrives late at work one day only to find his boss and his colleagues assassinated. He feels these deaths are somehow linked to a mysterious encrypted papyrus that the specialists were meant to decipher.

Believing that the murderers are returning to the scene of the crime, he runs off with the precious document, thus becoming the prime suspect at the center of an intrigue of the State ! Alone, hunted by the entire police of the kingdom, needing help to stay free and prove his innocence, he goes to find his friend Bebon, a happy-go-lucky actor full of clever ideas and with many connections; he also enrols the help of the young and stunning Nitis, priestess of the goddess Nieth, creator of the universe. Egypt, in those times rich and prosperous, faces a not too certain future.

Will the Greek mercenaries hired by Amasis be able to defend it against the greed of the fearsome Persians?
Who is plotting against Kel, and why?

He seems to have a very meagre chance of coming out of this adventure unscathed… But when humans choose to follow a path paved with violence and injustice, they cannot avoid the vengeance of the gods.


“Christian Jacq, he is now a master of the pharaonic thriller.”
Le Républicain Lorrain 


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