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The Investivations of Inspector Higgins
Volume 26 : Blame On Brexit

Walt Selfridge, a high-ranking English official fiercely opposed to Brexit, has been assassinated. The official reason: a crime of passion. However, when Higgins meets the alleged culprit in Brussel’s prison he realizes that she is the victim of a conspiracy.

Convinced of her innocence, the ex-Chief Inspector starts the investigation over from scratch. He can feel it: the assassin is lurking within the European institutions. From a colossal Greek to an authoritative German and a Kenyan Anglophobe, the suspects are numerous…

Once again Higgins puts his life on the line in search of the truth.

Known worldwide for his novels about ancient Egypt, Christian Jacq invites us to discover the passionate investigations of the inspector from Scotland Yard. Each year there are four exciting investigations.

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