Brooklyn Girl

“I remember the moment very well. We were looking out over the sea, the horizon shining, when Anna asked the question:

“If I did something terrible,
would you still love me?”

How would you have answered?
Anna was the lady of my life. We were getting married in three weeks. Of course I would love her, regardless of what she had done.
At least that’s what I thought, but she feverishly rummaged through her bag and held out a photo to me.
– I’m the one who did this.
I gazed upon her secret, stunned, and knew that our lives had been shaken forever. In my state of shock I got up and left without saying a word.
When I returned it was too late: Anna had disappeared.
And I’ve been looking for her ever since.”

This intense and captivating cold case is as addictive as a major television series.

Devilish intrigue, unique and endearing characters, suspense at every moment: Brooklyn Girl is one of Guillaume Musso’s most ambitious and successful novels.

Regarding Brooklyn Girl:
“Unbearable suspense! Once you open the novel, you won’t put it down until you know who this Brooklyn girl really is. All-nighters are on the horizon…” Metronews

Foreign versions

Already sold in 12 countries

  • Germany: Piper
  • Korea: Balgunsesang
  • Italy: La nave di Teseo
  • Israel: Kinneret
  • Japan: Shueisha
  • Lithuania: Baltos Iankos
  • Montenegro: Nova Knjiga
  • Netherlands: Bruna
  • Poland: Albatros
  • Russia: Eksmo
  • Serbia: Vulkan
  • Slovakia: Albatros Media

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