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The Investigations of Inspector Higgins
Volume 35 : Crime Niçois

A terrifying discovery is made in the beautiful town of Nice, where a world criminology conference is taking place: the body of a wealthy Englishman is found dead in an alley of the old town.

The victim has been murdered four times over! The murderer has gone berserk, crushing the victim’s skull as well as poisoning, strangling and stabbing him in the heart. Four crimes in one! For the conference members, it is a daunting enigma.

Despite the abundance of clues, the French police and the criminologists are at a loss and are happy to hand the case over (albeit slightly forcing his hand) to a renowned conference member, Inspector Higgins.

He will have to plunge into the twists and turns of local trafficking and dubious arrangements between false friends. And what is one to make of the young, pretty flower seller? What a niçoise salad of a case…


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