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The Investigations of Inspector Higgins
Volume 22 : Tutankhamun's Curse

Outraged by the nonsense disseminated about the mummy of Tutankhamun, the top scientist Jennifer Stowe decides to travel to Egypt with a group of specialists.

But the trip never happens. She is stabbed – and not just with any weapon, but with the iron dagger of Tutankhamun that had been stolen from the Cairo Museum. Is it a curse? Scotland Yard receives a strange message: anyone who attempts to disturb the sleep of Tutankhamun will be annihilated…

Called in to help by Commissioner Marlow, Inspector Higgins uncovers both a conspiracy and an assassin. Yet one problem remains indecipherable: the real motive behind the crimes…

In addition to his fantastic novels about ancient Egypt, Christian Jacq is also the author of a cult series, The investigations of Inspector Higgins, which has captivated thousands of readers.

Inspector Higgins, a worthy heir to Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, is the hero of this cozy crime series.

XO Editions is happy to reedit the twenty-one volumes in this collection and to continue the adventure.


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