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The Rise of Egypt
Volume 3 : Eye of Falcon

With the help of valiant Scorpion, and the magic of Priestess Neit, Narmer has achieved peace between the Two Lands, where slowly, serenity is restored to the everyday lives of its citizens.

However, the reigning harmony is merely an illusion, as Narmer, refusing to rest on his laurels, embarks upon a new, courageous mission: defeating the fearless Libyans and the troops of Crocodile, their cunning ally.

But the Libyans are not the worst that Narmer will have to face: will he succeed in overcoming the last trial set by the Ancestor, which will challenge not only his courage, but the very essence of his heart?

If he were to triumph over the obstacles on the long road ahead, Narmer would become the first Pharaoh… And Egypt would awaken for eternity.

In this final instalment of a breathtaking saga, Christian Jacq weaves the final revelations of the mysteries of the Zero Dynasty: How a country of two lands, plunged into chaos, gave rise to the Egypt of the pharaohs, birthplace of an ageless civilisation…


“Christian Jacq: knowledge and style”
Dossier d’actualité de l’histoire

“The writer’s alert style, his knowledge as an egyptologist, proven repeatedly throughout his work, guarantee the reader the discovery of an unknown – or little known if not controversial – aspect of the fascinating Egypt, which the author passionately examines.”
Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace


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