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The Rise of Egypt
Volume 2 : Scorpio's fire

In this stunning new series, Christian Jacq reveals the mystery behind the First Dynasty: how the Two Kingdoms, plunged into chaos, became the Egypt of the pharaohs, land of a timeless civilisation…

The war of the clans marked the end of an era. In the North, the Libyan invaders unleash their savagery; in the South, the ambitious Lion and the terrifying Crocodile impose their tyrannical power. The Two Kingdoms are desolate.

Haunted by the souls of long gone clan leaders, will Narmer overcome the obstacles set by the Ancients and emerge whole from the chaos, while risking the life of the priestess Neit, his one true love?

With the help of his blood brother, Scorpion, and the powerful Bull, weakened by the betrayal of someone whom he believed to be a friend, will Narmer succeed in bringing about a new world?


“Christian Jacq: knowledge and style”
Dossier d’actualité de l’histoire

“The writer’s alert style, his knowledge as an egyptologist, proven repeatedly throughout his work, guarantee the reader the discovery of an unknown – or little known if not controversial – aspect of the fascinating Egypt, which the author passionately examines.”
Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace


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