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The Rise of Egypt
Volume 1 : War of the Clans

Christian Jacq reveals the mystery of the Zero Dynasty: how a country of two lands, plunged into chaos, gave rise to the Egypt of the pharaohs, birthplace of an ageless civilisation…

3500 BC: Egypt is being torn apart by several warring clans. In the Northern swamps, young Narmer’s village is under attack. All the inhabitants have been massacred, the Seashell clan has been annihilated.

Saved at the last moment by a young seer, who is savagely murdered, Narmer swears revenge and leaves for unknown lands. But first, he must cross the valley of Hindrances, from which no human has ever emerged alive…

The Ancestor, messenger from the gods, assigns him seven obstacles to overcome before building a new world.

On his way, Narmer meets a warrior, who is as seductive as he is pitiless: Scorpio. He finds himself in the midst of the war between the clans, between North and South, between the strength of the Ox, the madness of the Eland, the Crocodile’s ruse, the Lion’s ambition, the Jackal’s mystery…


“Christian Jacq: knowledge and style”
Dossier d’actualité de l’histoire

The writer’s alert style, his knowledge as an egyptologist, proven repeatedly throughout his work, guarantee the reader the discovery of an unknown – or little known if not controversial – aspect of the fascinating Egypt, which the author passionately examines.”
Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace


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