The Confinement

For a long time, Oceane was this curled upon herself child, who looked at no one and seemed to count the stars in the sky.

At kindergarten, doctors and teachers were formal: the child is autistic and no hope of improvement is to be expected. Appalled, Florence takes Oceane out of school and puts all her life aside to devote herself to her daughter.

For ten hours a day, she make up games, instructions, stage plays. The learning becomes relentless. But soon, a miracle happens: for the first time, Oceane laughs. She is reborn to the world…

Florence will lead this total and lonely war for six years. Despite obstacles, judgments, she will never give up, overwhelmed by the spectacular progress of her daughter.

In September 2013, Océane finally returned to school. She is now twelve years old. A brilliant pupil, she is preparing her scientific baccalaureate and dreams of becoming an astronomer.


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