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What I cannot tell you
26 schoolboys and schoolgirls are talking.

What is happening in French schools ? For the first time, schoolboys and schoolgirls are talking without restraint.

What did you never tell your parents? What can’ t your teachers know? A book made for parents to understand the life of their kids. Rebellion, disquiet, friendship, smartness, love, violence, boredom, racketeering, drug, respect… are freely told. No caricature in these portraits, but, in a real-life situation, the true language of children.

To be understood, they had to be listened to. During six months, the authors met many children in the whole country. Their accounts are true, direct, sometimes rough or reassuring. They represent life in difficult schools as well as in the most quiet ones, in big cities as well as in little ones, in Paris as well as in the suburbs… They show withoutany censor the dysfunctions of school, but, also, how many benefits children get from school. This book is intended for parents and teachers, and for all those who care for education.

Praise for What I cannot tell you:

“The 26 accounts make up a gripping report on the school universe.” Métro

“This outstanding book answers many questions and, in top of that, offers some advice for parents.” La Croix

“A striking in camera diving into the school system.” L’Express


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